Terms and Conditions

Check In/Out:  Check In Time is After 4:00PM and Check Out Time is at 10:00AM.    Please contact  Elizabeth  850-625-8191 if there is any changes .

Cleaning Fee:  A one time checkout cleaning fee of — will be charged for each reservation.  When renting a home, guests  are to do some cleaning during stay.  If you need maid service this can be arranged with the owner.  Other than that,  the house should be left free of garbage with nominal cleaning. (Cleaning that requires additional cleaning staff or time will come out of the security deposit)

Security/ Damage Deposit:  A deposit of $350  is required to confirm your reservation.  (Large deposits may be required for large parties.)  If you decide to bring more guests this must be discussed and agreed to with the owner or you will be liable to lose your security deposit.

The person or person registering for this unit is responsible At the time of check in, the deposit automatically converts to a damage deposit.  The deposit is not applied toward rent, however the deposit is fully refundable within 14 working days after departure, provided that: NO DAMAGE IS DONE TO THE HOUSE OR IT’S CONTENTS.  If the cleaning service reports damage or losses, the amount for repairs will be deducted from the deposit.

The person or person registering for this unit is responsible for all damaged or missing items in the house and for all damages to the property caused by anyone in the house. The person registering must be an occupant of the unit for the entire length of the stay.

There are no refunds for early check out or for eviction or cancellations,  once deposit and rents have been paid. There are web sites where you can take out medical and cancellation insurance,  Insure My Trip.com  is one of them.

Please inspect and report immediately upon check in any damage in the house, otherwise  you could be responsible and will be deducted from your security/damage deposit.

The house is inventoried and you will be charged for all missing or damaged items.  If damages are in excess of the security deposit and must be pursued through an attorney, or if litigation ensues, you will be responsible for the attorney’s fees in addition to the other damages recovered.

If the following rules of the house are broken you could be liable to lose your security/damage deposit at the dis-gression of the owner.

House Rules:

No candles should be burning in the house at any time. Please do not leave doors and windows open with air conditioner/  heat running. Thermostats are programmed and if you need to adjust, please contact owner before changing. This also includes  (fridge, hot water tank, or swimming pool timer)

Pool:  Gate must stay closed at all times (Florida Law.) You are also responsible for keeping  water levels up and reporting any problems with pool equipment. Pool water level is the responsibility of the renters to keep the water level up above the skimmer, there is a hose in the backyard near the pool that you can use. Guests are to use outdoor showers and wash off before using pool,  exta cleaning will come off the damage deposit. Absolutely, no jumping off fence into pool,  automatic loss of deposit. Children must be supervised at all time while using the backyard pool/whirlpool.

Grill: There is charcoal grill. Please make sure barbecue is away from the building while in use.

Absolutely No Smoking is allowed in the house (that means washrooms too).   Please smoke outside. Please do not throw cigarette butts on the property grounds, there will be extra charges for picking up cigarette butts.

By renting and checking into the house you agree to be bound and accept terms of this agreement, you agree to be responsible for all others in your party and for all  visitors to the house or its property.

Remember to bring your beach towels, paper products, groceries and portable radio. Bath towels, all bed linens and cooking utensils are provided.

If furnishings are moved, please move back to original location as they might be considered missing, a $25.00 moving fee could be charged.

Pets  are to be crated when necessary as any damages, urinating in the house is forbidden!!!!!   All dog droppings should be picked up before departure.

Please be careful when parking or driving off the driveway as you will responsible to replace or  repair sprinklers etc. No parking on the front lawn or blocking traffic.

Loss, theft or injury:  Tenants agree that landlord does not provide insurance for tenants’ possessions, the loss of property due to theft, fire or vandalism, flooding or other causes or hazards or for personal injury, sickness or death you may incur during your stay.  All tenants and guests named and unnamed agree to release and discharge Elizabeth Whitlam from any and all claims and causes or actions of any kind or nature whatsoever from your stay at the house located at  —————————-

Equipment and Appliances:  Should any equipment or appliances fail they will be repaired as soon as possible. No refund or discount will be given for time necessary to repair or correct the problem. Please do not overload washing machine and please clean filters in dryer prior to each use.

Cancellations:  There will be a $350 fee for all reservations canceled 120 days prior to arrival (This does not pertain to spring break or high season). No refunds for early departure for evictions.  No outside noise after 11pm. Once deposits and rents are paid there is no cancellation. Guests are encouraged to take out cancellation insurance, online for ie.  insurance my trip.com.

Parking:  There is enough parking for 4 small vehicles. Please be extra cautious when you back out of the house property. You will be responsible for any item you back into.  Also, no parking on the street. Make sure vehicles are not parked on street blocking traffic. Please do not drive off the concrete driveway or on the front lawn as there are sprinkler heads that can be damaged.


Upon departure:   THIS MUST BE DONE:   Please  take out all garbage inside and out, place dirty dishes in dishwasher, start wash cycle.     Pick up dog droppings.   Turn off all lights.  Clean charcoal out of barbecue.